Student CAPA 2022 JFK Virtual Conference

                          Friday November 18th, 2022 - Free Admission

                                      Entire classes may sign up.

Student Program Part 1:

Kennedy, the Person, the Leader, the Target of Assassination

Films include: JFK Collage, A President Betrayed, JFK The Case for Conspiracy and Jim Garrison NBC

Student Program Part 2:

The Search for United States Assassination Records Review Board Facts and Investigative Mysteries.

Students as “Federal Investigators”

Students who wish to participate as “federal investigators”send  an email to David Montague: [email protected]

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  Learn about President John F. Kennedy– the man and the president − and about his assassination which changed the course of our nation.

Join us for a virtual conference, specifically for students, about our 35th President and what happened when he was in office, one of the most perilous times in our country.

His death was a tragic loss to the citizens of our country, and indeed to the entire world as they looked to him for leadership as a stabilizing force for good.

You will see him at his press conferences, smart and witty. He was the first president to give routine press conferences. Before him, presidents only had a press conference when something important was going on. It was must-see TV for everyone. You will see clips from his inaugural address, his famous speeches, his address to the nation during the Cuban Missile Crisis and his speech in Berlin where thousands gathered to hear him.

Please click through to read a special message from David Montague here.


The documentary “JFK - The Case for Conspiracy” will highlight the assassination and the deception and misinformation resulting in a cover-up by the Warren Commission. All the doctors who treated JFK at Parkland Hospital give their testimony about what they saw in Trauma Room One.

A film of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison responding to an NBC news program disparaging his case against Clay Shaw who Garrison claimed was involved in the assassination. In those days the networks were required to give the person being criticized equal time to give their side of the story. Jim Garrison was played by Kevin Costner in the Oliver Stone film, “JFK.”

A documentary entitled “A President Betrayed” illuminates the challenges JFK faced, not only from foreign adversaries but from his own administration.

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